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Expert running advice from NYRR coaches.


Don't Lose Your Discipline

  • The decrease in daylight hours can wreak havoc to our internal clocks, so make sure to make every effort to keep your sleep schedule regulated during this time. Resist that temptation to hibernate in the darker mornings by setting an extra alarm or recruiting some running buddies to meet you in the early morning hours. This extra bit of accountability will go a long way towards helping you accomplish your training goals.

  • As temps drop and we head into the holiday season, many of the healthy summer routines we’ve set can go right out the window. Stay on top of your game by doing some simple meal prep and planning at the beginning of each week so you have healthy fueling options ready and waiting for you when you get home after a long, busy day. A healthy, pre-planned meal is almost always going to be a better option than that last-minute takeout order placed when you’re already tired and hungry.

Melanie Kann is a lead coach for NYRR’s Group and Virtual Training programs and has worked with thousands of runners through both platforms in preparation for races of varying distances all around the world.


Stay Safe and Motivated

  • As daylight hours shorten, you’re more likely to be running at twilight or in the dark. Wear reflective gear (or at least bright colors) and a headlamp, foot lights, or other gear to help make you more visible. Stay on sidewalks or in parks that are closed to vehicular traffic.

  • As you approach a goal race such as a marathon or half marathon, be sure to reduce your mileage in the final few weeks before your big event. In the final week, do only short, easy runs and take a couple of days off from running completely. This is known as tapering, and it allows your body to recover from your hard training and your muscles to store glycogen to fuel you for your big event.

  • Fall is a busy time of year as the school year begins and community/civic responsibilities ramp up. In addition, the cooler weather and shorter daylight hours may reduce the appeal of regular runs. Stay motivated to keep up your running routine by signing up for a race, finding a group of friends, a club or class to run with, or connecting to a fit and active community on social media.

Gordon Bakoulis is an 8-time NYRR Fred Lebow Runner of the Year, and twice finished among the top 10 women in the New York City Marathon.




  • With Autumn comes crisp weather, the changing of the leaves and an opportunity or rather a need to change up your running routine. With less daylight you’ll have to be more disciplined about when you run. Be it mornings, afternoons or evenings, a bit of creativity will need to be applied in order to adjust to the dwindling daylight.?

  • Break your week down into manageable segments and days. Designating certain days as morning, afternoon or evening runs will provide the much-needed structure to battle the shorter days and allow you to face each week with a plan in hand.

  • Autumn is a perfect in-between season for those who struggle with both the summer heat and winter cold. Transitional gear for this season is a must-have. You can’t go wrong with long sleeve shirts that are breathable, moisture wicking and made of synthetic materials. A lightweight running vest can also provide versatility when you’re out for a run and the temps are dipping. Lastly, a light packable waterproof windbreaker is a great choice for a myriad of conditions you’ll typically face in autumn.

Roberto Mandje is an Olympic distance runner, a fitness model, and the Manager of Runner Training, Education and Products at NYRR.

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